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There are a multitude of instruments for each element, which you can mix and match.

Record synth parts by tapping, holding, and swiping the XY pads. You can free-hand the drums or use the built-in quantization to effortlessly build beats, then blend it all together. Download it right now and have a play, or check out some of the mixes people have created with Figure.

Read More , featuring lead and bass synthesizers, analog and sample-based drum machines, and a sampler for recording external sound. The app was previously iPad-only, but now works flawlessly on the small iPhone screen too. The app includes a powerful sequencer to tie all your gadgets together, with full automation and MIDI support. SunVox is a fully fledged pattern-based sequencer that uses a tracker interface.

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The app includes numerous modular synthesizers and effects processors, including an analog generator, a drum synthesizer with built-in sounds, echo, distortion, reverb, vocal filter, and a module for building your own synths and effects. Just like Figure, iKaossilator is a musical tool that breaks down the boundaries. The provides you with five channels of sound, which you can toggle at will. You can then take these channels, remix them across your projects, and control your loops in real time.

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The app allows you to route audio from one source to another, so you can take the output from a synthesizer or drum machine, add effects with an audio processor, then record it in your workstation. Meanwhile, AudioBus 3 is currently maintained and does everything AudioBus 2 does. It has more options for routing multiple apps, plus full support for MIDI.

Check out the full list of AudioBus-compatible apps on the AudioBus website. Loopy offers six, nine, or 12 blank loops, onto which you can record and layer sounds. You can then manipulate and tweak your sounds, chance the tempo, merge tracks together, and overdub recordings on top of others.


This is a small sample of the huge number of apps that enable you to use your mobile device to create music. Here are the best paid and free options for listening to music on iOS. Read More to avoid paying for something you never use. Your email address will not be published. Top Deals.

Adjust the key of a song without changing tempo. Tweak the treble and bass as you mix. Apply VST effects to any part of the mix. Sync effects to tempo to maintain rhythm, and chain multiple effects together.

App per creare musica

Play bit audio files for ultra-high fidelity. Employ precise control over long beat mix transitions. Monitor output volume in real time using onscreen VU meters. Intelligent File Handling Use non-destructive editing to keep original music files intact.

We have sent over $231M to artists, designers, educators, writers, podcasters and more.

Catalog, sort and search your entire music collection. Keep your music catalog synchronized with hard drive directories. Print music library and playlist reports.

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Advanced Look and Feel Zoom in on individual beats with the zoom slider control. Hide windows when not in use. Adjust the number of strips on the timeline. Customize Fusion's appearance by creating your own skins. Mix Recording Burn your mix directly to CD without additional software.

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Easily create an exact copy of your mix, with no gaps between songs. Export mixes to. WAV and Windows Media formats.