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I like the image of the Mona Lisa. One thing I have noticed though: fast food places in France are more attractive than in the US. Do you agree? Thanks for the fun video about Steve Martin. Bisous, Anne Touraine Playing with Scarves. Bonjour Anne.


Next time son 2 is in France, I will ask him to make a review of the place for me — while I will wait for him outside. Bonjour Veronique. Hard to believe that people are making such a fuss over the Burger King at the Marseille airport. Merci Michel. Ca va bien, et toi? Please do report back next time you fly into or out of Marignane airport. Have the French lost it??? This is a really funny post. I love Steve Martin trying to say hamburger. Oh it is cruel and we would only way burger now.

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My daughter and husband like it. My husband works away a lot and if he is working late he knows he can get a MacDo anywhere. I find this surprising. I have never tried one but I had assumed it would be like French baguette. My local is next to LeClerc and is always packed to the gills when I go to shop.

Nice post — great fun. Bonjour Kerry. Love that you mentioned that French McDo customer habit: Going to the fast food place BUT still eating a three-course meal, sitting down at the table! This reminded me of a visit to a McDo several years ago in France when I was amazed to see salads. It was some time later before they finally arrived in the UK branches! I wonder if they will ever reach our shores…. Steve Martin is so funny in the clip. I must watch that film again sometime.

A fun post! Lovely to see you visiting my blog today — the food at the tea salon really was delicious!

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  5. Le "Maharaja Mac" indien est le cousin plus ou moins éloigné du Big Mac.!

Bienvenue, miss b. Then again, I only have the grilled chicken sandwich here in the US and without mayo, so…. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side? You know what I would love to see here?

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No you would not eat there every day or you would DIE, Jenny. Enough of that vile sandwich bread, for crying out loud! Far from it. The rest? Dear Fripouille. Bring them French bakeries, authentic or otherwise, over here pronto! Contact Moi. Hope you find a decent baguette for breakfast in Lyon tomorrow morning, poor you!

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Bonsoir M-T. I guess McDo was observing too, as their business started to grow quickly right about then…. Just found your blog which is wonderful! I went there every Saturday as a child, it was a treat for me, but now I mostly get an iced coffee. I look forward to more of your posts in Bienvenue, Rosemary. I know many children mine included who would love being taken to McDo every Saturday for a special treat… I have never tried their coffee drinks.

Maybe I should? I am not a customer of McDonalds and find it interesting to see their success in France. Their marketing is clever and the baquette looks delicious. An informative post, thank you. Wow Veronique! I wish we had McDos French style in our corner of the world. But obviously the success of McDos happened for a reason, clever and a delicious one. Thank you. Love this post! In England we had hot tea and crumpets at McDonald and in Indonesia we had special sweet corn pies. I also read that their recipes change according to the countries.

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For example they use a lot less salt in France and England than in the US, and their meat is also different, as well as their cheese. So, even though people think all hamburgers are created the same — well, they are not. Thank you for stopping by, Vagabonde. This Ha-Ba-Ga post has inspired a lot of people.

Who knew there were so many stories to tell about good old McDo in particular?! Okay I will admit it. I like McDO! I never took my kids there much, but since we have retired we stop a lot there when on the road. Love their Southwest Chicken Salad. And their chicken snack warps are just the right amount of food. There I said it! That Steve Martin video cracked me up…and Mona Lisa needs to lay off the ha ba gas and fires and order a salad! Bonjour Janey. Mona Lisa definitely needs to get down from that glass display at the Louvre and jog around the corridors….

I loved this post.

I was smiling the entire time I was reading. My husband claims he had the best hamburger he has ever had at a French bistro in Paris!!! I giggled until I walked inside. The one in Nice has a chandelier!! Proper knives and forks are served with the burgers, and the burger costs 7euro. McD was a life saver for us in Cognac when France Telecom would leave us without broadband for no reason for days on end. I used to go there twice a day to use the wifi and have an excellent coffee and pastry in the morning and a McFlurry as a treat in the afternoon!

The restaurants are much, much classier and cleaner in France than in the USA. Your email address will not be published. Website optional. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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