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Mac DeMarco :: Still Together Lyrics

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Top it off with some psychedelic effects and a pretty rhythm guitarist in cheerleader garb, and you've got yourself a Deerhunter performance that's way too fun to miss out on. Arcade Fire released their live film recording "Live at Earls Court," in Wavves started in as the recording project of Nathan Williams. The release of their self-titled LP in introduced the world to Beach Fossils' Dick Dale twanged, New Wave inspired surf rock: a frenetic sound, although then unique, has now become quite prevalent in the indie scene. But where this Brooklyn-based four-piece set themselves apart was through their Johnny Rotten-esque turbulent attitutes: a trait that's been upheld in their sophomore folow-up, Clash the Truth.

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Led by the melancholic growl of Dustin Payseur, Beach Fossils embody a liveliness and urgency that's shared by a majority of their generation. We suggest sticking around til the final minutes to see the extent of Beach Fossils' volatility - where an explosive bout ends with a crippled drum kit. New to Qello? We use cookies on store.

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