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Add Web Sites to Safari Favorites Page in iOS

Click a bookmark to open it. If you use the bookmarks bar, you can add a folder by right-clicking the bookmarks bar. Click Add Folder. Deleted bookmarks can't be recovered. If your bookmark is missing for another reason, try the tips below. If you synced your bookmarks to your Google Account , make sure you're signed in to Chrome:.

Add a bookmark

New bookmarks are saved to the last bookmark folder where you saved a bookmark. Check all your bookmark folders:. Google Help. Send feedback on Help Center Community Announcements.

Creating Favorites and/or Bookmarks

Google Chrome. Add a bookmark On your computer, open Chrome.

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Both words refer to exactly the same thing: shortcuts to websites. Safari calls them bookmarks. Some other browsers call them favorites. You can view the contents of any collection that is, a folder full of bookmarks by clicking its name in the Collections pane on the left side of the window.

How To Add A New Folder To Mac Finder Favourites

The figure shows, in particular, the contents of the Bookmarks Bar folder with the contents of the News subfolder expanded. Some browsers come with preinstalled bookmarks, and you can add new bookmarks for any page you visit.

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In addition to saving a bookmark for a single page, you can bookmark multiple open pages at once, which results in a bookmark folder for that set of websites. You may add bookmarks to the toolbar below your browser's address bar or to a list on your browser's Bookmarks menu. Visit the website you want to bookmark in Safari. If you want to bookmark a group of websites at once, click the "File" menu and select "New Tab. Click "Bookmarks Menu" to add the bookmark to the list that appears when you click Safari's "Bookmarks" toolbar menu.

This displays a small black options box near the top of the browser.

Type a description for the bookmark next to "Name" and any tags that describe the bookmark next to "Tags. Click the "Folder" menu to select the folder where you want to put the bookmark. Select "Bookmarks Toolbar" to place the shortcut on the toolbar or "Bookmarks Menu" to place the site on Firefox's Bookmarks menu option. If you previously created personalized folders, select a folder name from the list shown to put the bookmark in that folder. Click "Done" when finished. Visit the website you want to bookmark.