Sony handycam dcr-dvd108 software download for mac

You will break it and the disc. What kink of computer is it? What operating system is it running? Does the computer have an optical drive that will read DVDs? Is it a slot-loader or a drawer loading optical drive? Do you or you kid know what a "DVD ripper" is?

how to download movie from HandyCam DCR-DVD to send to mac user?

Is one already installed on the computer? We do not know what you know, nor can we see what you can see, so we just need to understand what we have to work with before moving forward. From what I can see, you should be good to go with editing. Be warned that DVD-based camcorders do not allow for very good quality editing. When the video is captured to the miniDVD, you might need to "finalize it before any other DVD player will be able to use that disc.

Camcorder DCR-DVD108 Sony

Please refer to your manual. You will also need to install a DVD ripper. Google that term. You should get a lot of hits Pick one. I use HandBrake. I heard there is a Windows version out there.

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When the disc is ready, remove the disc from the camera and load it on the drawer loading optical drive you have. Close the drawer. Launch the DVD ripper. If your DVD player automatically launches, quit out of it. You cannot do anything with the files on the DVD disc from the camera - you need to rip the video and audio Select the "scenes" or file clips you want to rip. Save them all to a folder somewhere on your computer's hard drive. Remove the disc and store in a cool, dry place in its case. If the disc and the case are not already marked contents , do that.

Launch your video editing application. Import or open the video files you just ripped using that application When editing is complete, do whatever you need to do to burn a DVD or save the file in a format you want. In the case of a hard drive based camcorder, it is connected using a USB cable to the computer - and the camera's hard drive mounts like any other USB mass-storage device. The video clips are copied to the computer's hard drive as you would copy any other file. In the case of a miniDV tape, based camcorder, it is connected using a FireWire cable to the computer - and the camera is controlled by the computer's video editing application.

The video is imported from the tape to the computer right into the editing application. Assuming your DVD drive on your computer is a tray loading type with smaller groove cut into tray , you can easily import it digitally. Simply load up your favorite video editing program and there should be an option to import the DVD into the project.

I have Vegas Pro by Sony and it works great. Click the Drivers and Software tab midway down the Web page. The "Select an Operating System" drop-down box appears beneath the tab.

If a message appears saying that there are no updates at this time, select a different model of camera to get the Picture Motion Browser software that you need, as it doesn't matter what type of camcorder you actually have, it just matters that you have the PMB software. Click the drop-down arrow beneath "Select an Operating System" to view a broad list of operating systems. Click the drop-down arrow beneath "Filter Files by Category. Download and install any available PMB updates for your operating system.

Importing A sony Handycam into iMovie

The PMB software you need is now installed on your computer. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. It uses 8mm cassettes, and I can't transfer my videos using my Windows 8, bit PC. I have tried other methods to no avail.

Can you recommend a software that will help me? I'm not familiar with that particular model. It sounds a bit older. The Sony website does show, however, that your model will work with Sony's Playmemories Home software. You probably used Sony's PMB software before. Playmemories Home is just a newer version of that. That software is free and available from Sony's website. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. How can use a d play my old cassatte in new USA camcorder. Your link doesn't open up a new page so following your instructions are unnecessarily difficult. Louis, Missouri. Sorry to hear about the problems, Rob. I would try a few more micro-USB cables to see if the issue can be resolved through that, as that's obviously the easiest. I don't think there's anything about your hardware configuration that would be an issue. Is there another computer you can try connecting it to? If you look in Windows Explorer, does the computer recognize your connected camera as any sort of drive?

Hey Max, great site and instructions easy to follow.

Unfortunately it didn't work for me. I'm using a mini-USB to USB I found laying around the house and not the original cable that would've come with the camera so I'm hoping the issue is with the cable itself. PC 'beeps' when the camera connects and the little screen on the camera offers the prompt you described in point 5 but nothing happens. When I select 'Import media' it changes screens on the application but can't see the camera.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Rob. What version of Windows do you have? PMB doesn't play nice with the newer versions of Windows and you need to install the most recent version of the program. My Sony camcorder keeps saying "preparing" when I try to plug it into my computer. I also get messages that say Some files are not compatible! Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, turbofuture. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Max Dalton more. Click through the thumbnails above to follow these steps: Click here to open the Sony Drivers and Software Downloads Web page.

Select your operating system. The "Filter Files by Category" drop-down list appears. Download and install the file you can use to install the program if you lost your original disc. Now that you've downloaded the software you need, you can start transferring: Turn on your computer if it isn't turned on already.

Swing out the display of the Sony Handycam. Select "USB Connect. A PMB Import dialog box may also appear on your computer screen.

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As you become a more advanced importer, you can use this option, but this time we'll launch the import from within the program. Launch the PMB program on your computer. This is the same box you may see after connecting your Sony Handycam to your computer and selecting USB Connect on the camcorder.

This dialog box will list your Sony Handycam, storage drives on your computer, and potentially other connected devices.

How to convert Sony DCR video to DVD

Select the name of your Sony Handycam and then click "Next. Beneath the Import Method option you can elect to import all of the files from the Handycam to the computer, import only files that haven't already been transferred from the camcorder, or select the files you want to pull from the Handycam to your computer. Also, you can click to check a box that will automatically delete any files from your camcorder after they've been transferred to your computer.