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Awarded as best project for academia and best productivity software, XMind has been adopted by more than 1,, people world widely for improving their competitiveness. Actually, XMind is open source software and XMind basic version is free.

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Comentarios: I use it for mind-mapping my articles, presentations, and books. It's a powerful simple tool for that. And can form the basis of a great Prezi layout if you use the clip art. Mostly I like that it's a fast way for me to scope and think about an article or book. What if I the reader do this and it works or doesn't work? What if the next step is I start with these 4 trees on the mind-map but the results can cover hundreds of branches as each branch stimulates new ideas.

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Sometimes I also use it for building models for presentations. Other times for organizational charts or taxonomies.

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And sometimes I just data-dump a brainstorm of ideas for whatever I'm working on. The clip art and ability to use straight or curved lines, and format text as I like helps for communication also. Puntos a favor: I've trialled or used a lot of mind mapping software and this is the one that I stick with.

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Mostly because it has two big criteria that I look for: 1. Ease of use - fast and intuitive 2. Flexibility - I can use a range of shapes and even the included clip art or my own images. I love that it's also available on IOS devices but so far, have been content to use it mostly on my Mac. I use enough of the Setapp utilities and apps that Xmind is basically free for me and that's just another big plus. Contras: Nothing to dislike really.

It ticks all the boxes for me. If anything, my main gripe would be that it's not as well known as some other software so it took me a while to find it. Comentarios: I used to love XMind and recommend it to everyone, but since they introduced the subscription charges and stopped allowing people to upgrade from previous versions, unless it was the one immediately previous to the new version, I just had to call it a day. There are other tools around that are more affordable and don't require subscriptions.

Puntos a favor: Having used many mindmapping tools over the years I came to XMind expecting just more of the same.

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I was pleasantly surprised. In addition to the usual features you'd expect of a mindmapping tool it has a plethora of additional features, some of them unique to XMinds, which takes its usability to the next level. I particularly liked the ability to drill down into specific nodes of the mindmap and create additional sub-mindmaps using those nodes as the central point. That is so cool.

I also liked the availability of a large number of flags and icons that could be easily added to a mindmap. Not only did this brighten things up, but it helped to color-code the map to match my particular needs. Sign Up Free! Try It! No Login. If you don't have an account, sign up now and start creating your mind maps. Learn More Check our options to use Wisemapping internally in your school or company!

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Why WiseMapping? What can you do with a mind map? You don't have to install anything on your computer because we are using HTML5.

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Use WiseMapping for free without any restrictions! And since the app is free, works on various platforms and is easy to use, with clean interface it makes it easy to do mindmapping on the same file together. Furthermore, it does not ask to open any accounts, you can have unlimited number of maps, etc. Puntos a favor: The app is really great for making mind maps, especially if you are doing it as the planning or ideation tool, and not as a child doing a homework etc.

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It is written in Java so it works on various platforms wherever you have the runtime which is another benefit. And the best thing is that it is not only good tool, but a free one as well, which is very important for me as I work with non-profits, educational organizations etc. Contras: Although it should run without problems on all platforms as it is written in Java, the Mac version has been a challenge to have working properly.

When I changed from Windows to Mac I found the process a bit problematic and actually that was the time when I started doing my mindmapping primarily online. This has more to do with Apple than Freemind itself, but it is worth noting for mac users. Puntos a favor: Freemind has all the basic functionality that you can ask from a tool like this.

It has one of the easiest and most logic key shortcuts to create and navigate through the maps. This has become the standard Open Source tool for mind maps.

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