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If you are using a stable version of TeXworks, "A short manual for TeXworks" should be included automatically.

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Despite its name, it is quite extensive and should provide all the necessary information for normal usage. This manual normally is accessible from the "Help" menu and possibly also from other locations, such as the Microsoft Windows start menu. For script authors, the primary resource is Paul A.

Norman's TeXworks Scripting Information page. There is a mailing list available for discussion of any topics related to the TeXworks project.

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You can search the list archives online. TeXworks development is currently hosted at GitHub; this is where most resources and the latest source code can be found.

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Presentations introducing TeXworks have been given at recent TeX conferences. The PDF slides 1. Odd-numbered series 0. Numerous snapshots are made available during the evolution of TeXworks, and feedback from those brave enough to use these experimental versions is greatly appreciated! The main focus of this release series is a complete overhaul of the PDF previewer.

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  6. A lot of effort went into streamlining and improving the code "under the hood" while maintaining the general user experience. As a side effect, this brings about several improvements and often-requested features, such as:.

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    Apart from numerous fixes, improvements, and new features, this series has one major focus: Scripts allow users to easily customize and extend TeXworks. Current uses range from simple formatting over automation tasks to the implementation of new dialogs and auto-completion methods.

    Currently, the primary resource for scripts is GitHub. For those interested in learning how to write scripts, Paul Norman has compiled some excellent documentations.

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