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At this point the RAM was completely overloaded.

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The Air had carved out 1. Now the music started stuttering. But then it resumed. At this point, switching tasks caused the machine to pause for a few seconds as the new task swapped into memory. But it took only a few seconds, and the machine went back to normal. This is in stark contrast to my MacBook Pro.

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In normal us, I often have a dozen or more apps open at the same time. I can easily have 50 or more tabs open in various browsers. My Mac Pro at work is usually OK with this, and now my portable is too. The build quality is superb. Hewn from a single slab of aluminum, the unibody case is extremely light and thin. Closing the lid is the notebook equivalent of a satisfying door clunk in a quality car: It also takes just the slightest effort to open it.

Not a lot, but just enough. Who knows if the hinges will last. But for now, the hinges speaks to quality and design. It feels very, very light. It sits weightlessly in your lap. Holding it up, it feels as light as an iPad.

I had to check the specs. The Air is actually 1lb heavier. Where the MBP becomes heavy in your backpack, you could tote the Air all day and it would be no more effort than wearing a wristwatch. Most of the internal space is given over to a custom battery that Apple says lasts for 5 hours. I got more than 6 hours on both days over the weekend. I was using dozens of apps, running various tests, playing music and had Wi-Fi on. Standby is supposed to be 30 days. I guess I was expecting more. Flash storage makes for an exceptionally fast machine. It cold boots in about 14 seconds. Safari is instant on.

Websites load in a jiffy, even when you launch a dozen tabs simultaneously. The lack of storage may be a problem. The screen is very nice. The inch Air has the same screen resolution as the inch MBP. I moved the Dock to the left-hand side to give the screen more vertical space. I hooked the Air to a inch iMac using a DisplayPort cable, and the iMac transformed into a large external monitor. I played a HD movie trailer on the big screen while playing a HD Netflix movie on the main inch screen.

In the background, a dozen apps were open. Not a hiccup. Who said the Air is underpowered?

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Again, people have complained about the lack of an optical drive. I loaded the machine up with all the software I need from the net. It has USB for a thumb drive. The keyboard is full size and uses the same Chicklet keys as the Pro line.

Hope this helps! My goal is to be able to both read the whole slide and add text to the notes section at the same time. I had a net book for a while, and I had to constantly scroll between the upper parts of the slide and the notes section to keep up. Thanks for your question! I like how you made key words in bold. Thank you for your review and your opinion. For my MacBook Air 11 inch, I use the be. As far as performance goes, is the extra space provided by the gb storage a huge factor in anyones mind?

It seems like a small price to pay in order to double the storage given. Or is the gb acceptable for most usage. I find the GB drive … squishy. If you were doing intensive 3D modelling and photoshopping, it might be worth upgrading to the i7, but probably not. Great review! Thanks so much.

I have an 11 inch MacBook Air myself. Desks, couches, coffee tables, beds, palm trees by the beach are all fair game! The moving around helps stop my body getting sore. In this respects, the Air is actually better for fatigue and pain than bigger laptops. I find I need to look down less sharply compared to reading a book or writing on paper.

I would like the MacBook air to be my first Mac, but I am worried that it will not meet my needs. The MacBook Air i7 11 inch would certainly handle all of those activities easily.

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You might find the 11 inch screen a little cramped. Hi, thanks for the awesome review. If I run Windows 7 in bootcamp and all settings on minimun do you think I could play call of duty? Btw my current laptop is a Toshiba Satellite: Intel Core 2 Duo T 2.

MacBook Air 11 or 13 inch – which is better?

Should I just wait for the new macbook pros? Thank you.

11-Inch MacBook Air Is Ultra Portable And Surprisingly Powerful [Review]

Thanks for this great post. Thanks for your comment Justin! I love my 11 inch MacBook Air — and one of the reasons is how easy it is to take around the house. There is hope: You might be able to advertise on the web for someone who got the 11 inch model and want a 13 inch model.