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In all browsers that support IndexedDB, you can delete a database by entering the following in the console:. In the navigation pane, expand IndexedDB , right-click the object store to clear, and then click Clear. Open DevTools and open the Network panel. Check the Disable cache checkbox. Open the Toolbox and click the Settings icon to open the Settings.

How to use browser developer tools to inspect WordPress website code

Each browser has it's own version of device simulation and testing. See the documentation for each:. These tools give you a close approximation as to how your site will look on a mobile device, but to get the full picture you should always test your site on real devices.

Here is documentation for debugging Android devices on Chrome and Firefox. Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4. For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies. Progressive Web Apps Training. Working with the Fetch API. Caching Files With Service Worker. Working with Promises. Working with IndexedDB. Live Data in the Service Worker. Using Workbox. Migrating to Workbox.

Responsive Design. Responsive Images. Introduction to PWA Architectures. Offline Quickstart. Working with Gulp. Introduction to Push Notifications.

Integrating Analytics. Cloud Firestore. PWA News Reader.

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PWA Ecommerce. Catch all the content and more! To learn more, check out the Chrome Dev Summit website. It is recommended that you use one of the other browsers for error hunting. However, it is still useful for other diagnostic reasons. When the Error Console is first opened, make sure Console and All are selected in the console's menu bar. It is also recommended to refresh the page.

Quick Tip: Using Web Inspector to Debug Mobile Safari

This looks as if Adobe Flash is not installed, but the console is showing it can not find the file, swfobject. These properties have been overridden either by a cascading rule, a conflicting rule, or a more specific selector, as depicted below. These declarations were overridden by those in the. You can also use the element inspector to spot invalid or unsupported properties and property values. In Chromium-based browsers, invalid CSS rules both have a line through them and an adjacent warning icon, which can be seen below. Firefox also strikes through invalid or unsupported properties and values.

Firefox Developer Edition also uses a warning icon, as shown below. In the screenshot below, Safari strikes through unsupported rules with a red line, and highlights them with a yellow background and warning icon.

Debugging Your iPhone Mobile Web App With Safari Dev Tools

Familiarize yourself with all of them, however, for those rare occasions when you need to diagnose a browser-specific issue. On-device testing is always best. All major desktop browsers include a mode for responsive debugging. Chrome offers a device toolbar feature as part of its developer toolkit. To use it, click the device icon pictured below in the upper-left corner, next to the Select an element icon.

Device mode lets you mimic several kinds of Android and iOS devices, including older devices such as the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S5. Device mode also includes a network throttling feature for approximating different network speeds, and the ability to simulate being offline. In Firefox, the equivalent mode is known as Responsive Design Mode.

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Its icon resembles early iPods. In responsive mode, you can toggle between portrait and landscape orientations, simulate touch events, and capture screenshots.