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To learn how to perform a Time Machine backup, see our how to set up Time Machine tutorial. Step 1: Step 2: Make sure your drive is connected, and select the disk that contains your Time Machine backup and click Continue. Step 4: Sit back and be patient. This transfer can take hours depending upon how much data you have and the speed of your backup hard drive or network. I often start a migration at the end of the day and let it run overnight. When the migration has finished, the Mac will likely restart on it own.

Back up your Mac with Time Machine

Post-Migration A cursory examination will be performed of the applications that you transferred onto the new Mac. This examination could identify some old, incompatible applications. If any are detected, they will be disabled and you will be notified. Answer these questions as you prefer. Migration or Transfer Turn on your Mac and login to the user account that you previously created. The exact prompts have varied across different versions of the Mac operating system.

I cannot list every variation in this article so these instructions will be more general and not precise, step-by-step instructions. If it does not see your Time Capsule then make sure your new Mac is connected to your home network. But when setting up a new Mac, should you migrate or do a clean installation? When you buy a new Mac, it might be a good idea to do a clean installation; starting from scratch, with a brand-new operating system, and adding the files that you need manually. Apple includes a very useful tool as part of its Mac operating system: Migration Assistant.

This feature is the same as Setup Assistant, which only runs during the setup of a new Mac; therefore, once you have set up the computer, you will have to use Migration Assistant.

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When you set up a new Mac, the Setup Assistant offers to copy your files. To use this tool on a Mac:.

How to restore a Time Machine backup on a new Mac

As you can see, Migration Assistant is easy to use. However, the disadvantage of using the Migration Assistant is that all your files get copied. For this reason, you might want to consider doing a clean installation.

How to Restore Your Mac With Time Machine

When you do a clean installation, you let OS X run its Setup Assistant and create a new, empty user account. During the process, you enter some information, such as your Apple ID, so your iCloud account is activated, but, for the most part, your Mac will be a tabula rasa. If you go this route, you then need to manually copy files from your old Mac, or from a backup.

This part of the process can be time-consuming, but it can allow you to sift through your files to find what you really need, and slim down your Mac. OS X installs a number of applications, many of which you probably use every day. But you probably use plenty of other apps on your Mac. And this is a good time to decide which of the many apps in your Applications folder you want to keep.

Setting Up a New Mac: Should You Migrate or Do a Clean Installation? | The Mac Security Blog

You may find dozens of apps that you rarely use. Your Home Folder: Again, take this opportunity to check whether you need to keep all of the files in these folders. Your Library Folder: By default, this folder is hidden, but it contains many files that you should copy.

For example, all of your email is in this folder, as is the information in the Contacts app. First, you need to access this hidden folder on the new Mac. In the Finder, press Command-Shift-G, and then type: Click Go to view the contents of this folder. In another Finder window, do the same thing to view the old Library folder. Type the appropriate names for the backup disk and your user name.

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I do, however, suggest that you go through that folder and copy over any files or folders for apps that you do use, especially if, when you launch them, their setup is different. However, you may just want to manually reset the preferences for your apps; this is a good way to rediscover your apps and their interfaces. So make sure you know where your serial numbers are. As you work on your new Mac, you may find that certain files are missing.

Check software, settings, and power

You may need to go back into that folder and copy some other files to the new Mac. What about permissions if you do a clean install?

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